The Real artistic venetian glass chandeliers.
GML fixtures direct selling. Real Venetian artisans able to give shape to gorgeus glass chandeliers and masterworks.
Worldwide shipping. Choose the best of made in Italy and venetian tradition, from our glass factory to your house


GlassMuranoLight 2000-2010

  3-4 Lights
  5-6 Lights
  6-8 Lights
  Ca' Rezzonico
  Museum reproductions
  2 Lights
  Other number of lights
Table lamps
  3 Lights
  5-6 Lights
Ceiling fixtures
Floor lamps
Small lamps
Artistic glass
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The art of chandeliers creating



GML opalescent and blue 6 lights chandelier


Every chandelier and lighting fixture are customizable in color, size, configuration, number of lights and details. GML's manifacturing supplies the purchaser with high quality glassworks made by the best venetian masters. With its equipe, GML provides also technical and architectural support aiding the buyer in this important choice.
Contact us for a free estimate, submit us your desire...our master are ready to give light to your dreams.

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GML production:
high quality handworking.
Based in Venice, worldwide exporting

GML ruby red 6 lights chandelier

GML glass paste and gold 5 lights chandelier

GML antique amber Rezzonico chandelier

GML opalescent chandelier with gold leaf


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